The Signia myHearing App is now even more powerful in providing you with all the support tools you and your hearing care professional need. Find out more.

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When you start wearing new hearing aids, the Signia myHearing App offers you the gold standard in support through guided assistance, personal progress monitoring and CareChat communication with your hearing care professional, wherever you are. Now, our revolutionary remote hearing care has become even better in combination with the new Pure 13 BT hearing aids made for iPhone.

Personal care, anywhere

The app’s My Hearing Care Professional section enables you to get help immediately without visiting the practice or store where you bought your new hearing aids. Simple issues can be resolved on the spot by talking to the professional for a few minutes. But often, your feedback can be helped by objective, real time data from the hearing aids that show the professional how they are performing and in what acoustic environment.

That is exactly what our new Pure 13 BT hearing aid made for iPhone makes possible. It sends data via your iPhone’s myHearing App to your hearing care professional so they can see exactly what is going on. Armed with this information, they can offer the most precise advice and solutions to any issues that you might want to address for the best possible period of getting used to your new hearing aids.

And of course the myHearing App continues to carry all its other great features such as daily feedback, guided assistance, hearing exercises and the ability to make minor adjustments to volume and program when needed.

Ask your Hearing Care Professional about Signia myHearing or read more on our website under Apps and Accessories.