Signia Lotus – New hearing aid segment for emerging markets

Signia Lotus hearing aids are designed to help people with hearing loss who have been denied care due to a lack of infrastructure or financial means. According to current estimates, up to 90 percent of all hearing impaired people in many African, Asian and South American countries have no access to hearing aids. Signia developed the new product segment Lotus for these markets. It is based on proven Signia technologies and is composed of the four hearing aid families Lotus Prompt, Lotus Run, Lotus Fun and Lotus Fast. The hearing impaired person can find a wide range of products for every type of hearing loss or requirement – from small CIC-ITEs (Complete-In-Canal In-the-Ear) to comfortable BTE (Behind-the-Ear) hearing aids. What’s really special: Depending on the model, Lotus hearing aids can also be fitted by appropriately trained personnel from the health industry – for example by physicians, pharmacists or nurses – in areas without hearing care professionals.

Take a look at our short video, summarizing all benefits of Signia Lotus.